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Mechanical Design with a Purpose.


Making Sure the design functions as intended.


Optimizing energy usage.


Replace with purpose.


Head Pressure Control in Geothermal Systems

I have had the opportunity to review the operation of a number of geothermal K-12 projects throughout the State of Ohio and time and time again their is one item that is overlooked and left out of the mechanical system design; Head Pressure Control! Head pressure control is a simple concept that is applied to protect refrigeration circuits from [...]

High Efficiency Boilers in a Low Efficiency System

Hot water boiler efficiency has come a long way over the past decade and manufacturer's are advertising condensing boilers with a thermal efficiency of 98 to 99%. When compared to your aging non-condensing boilers, which are likely operating at 70% efficiency, installing new high efficient condensing boilers sounds like a no lose situation and it probably is; however, it [...]

Madison Middle School

Madison Middle School Madison Middle School is a 160,000 square foot building that was completed in 2014.  The building has a chilled beam system serving the classroom areas with dedicated outdoor air units to provide space ventilation.  Hot and Chilled water are provided by a heat recovery water to water heat pump with back up high efficiency condensing [...]